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The Calvin and Dad series are books are fun to listen to and they’re fun to read. What better reasons to purchase a book for your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or other child ready to listen to a good story?

Reminisce the precious moments of childhood.
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Latest Releases: "Can Gi-Normus the Tow Truck and Squawky Palone Save Christmas?" and "I Live in 2 Houses" print copies can be found on Amazon.com. All books can be found at the major e-reader websites—just search by author—Fred Neff.
Pirate Calvin Meets the Wise Seaport Rat
Can Gi-Normus the Tow Truck and Squawky Palone Save Christmas?
Cheer with your child as a chatterbox fox (Squawky Palone) and a very unusual tow truck try to save santa whose sleigh is stuck on a rooftop, on Christmas Eve!
Pirate Calvin Meets the Wise Seaport Rat
I Live in 2 Houses
As Calvin and Dad ponder the realities of divorce, they find and share a silver lining
I would like to give a special thanks to Friendly’s Restaurants. All of my books have been written in my local Friendly’s, and the staff and management have been nothing short of wonderful, I highly recommend their chain, as family friendly and a good wholesome place to eat.
Thanks again to you all.
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Great Mouse Caper
A Christmas story about a clan of mice who plan a notorious caper fooling nearly everyone.
Soft Cover $12.95
The Memory Tree
The Memory Tree recounts some actual events from Christmas 2007.
Soft Cover $12.95